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  • Koko

This is why your competitors' content marketing works and yours doesn't

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

It's not always about you, dummy.

2019 was an year of success for content marketers.

This study by Kapost found that content marketers produce 3 times the result than paid marketers.

Now a lot of marketers complain, content marketing doesn't work, it takes times, blah blah.

What they fail to understand is that the content they produce isn't helping their target audience.

As a content marketer you need to understand that your job as a marketer is to help your prospects understand and define their problems very well.

So you should:

  1. Understand customer journey and persona very well

  2. Articulate problems and challenges faced by your potential customers

  3. Generate content to help them understand their problems and figure out solutions quickly

In this process your potential customers will thank you, remember you, talk about you and most probably buy from you.

But if you keep creating content about yourself and your product/service etc, your customers will figure out many ways not to buy from you, ever.

Remember that human who everybody hated because s/he never stopped talking about themselves?

Don't be that human.



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