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  • Koko

Why Marketers Should Focus on the "WHY"?

As Simon Sinek says, every organization on the planet knows WHAT they do. They have all the information about the product and services they sell.

Some organizations know now HOW they do it. The things that make them special or set them apart from their competition.

Very few of them actually know WHY the heck they do what they do. The purpose, cause or belief, is the very reason of why an organization exists.

Now, when it comes to getting this clarity internally, believing it and making every team member aligned to the belief, organizations need a lot of brainstorming.

Having this clarity is the sole reason why some people and organizations are particularly able to inspire others and differentiate themselves successfully.

Marketers play a major role in communicating the WHY, the purpose to prospects and customers. Successfully articulating the WHY is a very effective way to inspire other humans to take action. That is why The Golden Circle is considered as great influence on leaders, especially marketers.

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